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If you’re looking for extraordinary and unique bronze art your search is now finally over. The Welte Sisters created truly unique art suitable for every area in your own home. You want to bring a breath of fresh air into the cosiness of your own four walls? Then this might be your opportunity to find some art pieces and underline and highlight your individual taste of art. Take a look around in this section of bronze sculptures and let yourself be inspired by the talent of Mercedes and Franziska Welte. Mehr lesen >>

Modern female sculptures

Our bronze art includes individual modern sculptures such as female sculptures and bronze sculptures. All of the bronze sculptures represent pure femininity and can be used as sculptures indoor to give any room a playful touch. You can even use them as sculptures outdoor as a stunning eyecatcher for a very special ambience in your own home garden. You will get a completely new attitude of live by owning one of these special art pieces when you stroll along your home and garden.

Each bronze statue, each female statue and all the other bronze sculptures are not only handmade, but are also individually painted. No one else but you will own a truly unique masterpiece of the Welte Sisters. With every piece you purchase you will get an individual item for your own pleasure – something that is not comparable to any other piece of art someone owns.



Figurative art for your home

Our sculptures combine their uniqueness with pure joie de vivre and an extravagant touch of sensuality. Our very special kind of figurative art shows details of Pop Art and some might even reveal aspects of Art Nouveau. It is this special mix of styles that creates an extraordinary atmosphere by just looking at the sculptures that capture them so well. All pieces of this bronze art collection are suitable for the living area as sculptures indoor protected from external influences and – depending on their size – as well as sculptures outdoor as (modern) garden sculptures as they are very robust and resistant against natural influences.