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Franziska and Mercedes, create an unmistakable brand with NONOS. Their extraordinary sculptures are as unique as they are extravagant and combine absolute joie de vivre with aesthetic eroticism, dynamic dance and pure sensuality. The result is a filigree and at the same time powerful ensemble of color, shape and movement. The name Nonos has remained a well-kept secret since the beginning and remains a mystery to this day. In search of liveliness and movement, the abstract art of the Welte Sisters becomes real objects: dancers, athletes or even observers. The interplay of movement and color makes the figures appear lively and soulful, so that each sculpture has its own signature. This is the handwriting that the Welte Sisters leave as a trace.

The contemporary works, modern art and pop art, that Franziska and Mercedes Welte create for NONOS, deal with form and color in an interesting way. At the same time, this unique interior design reflects the characteristics of the NONOS creators and their sculptures. The dancing figures are made of curved steel, fiberglass and epoxy resins, which come to life through light-operated pigments and combine movement and colors into a flowing form of sensuality, pure joie de vivre and femininity. Through the dynamic processing as well as the play with different color, material and light surfaces envelops the NONOS a very own lightness – the strength of which, however, is the basis as an expression of the natural form. With their unmistakable handwriting, the unique pieces reflect the close ties between the artists and their objects, which leave the viewer free space: for interpretation, interaction and the creation of fascinatingly feminine worlds of movement. So if you want to beautify your life with unique interior design, take the opportunity to visit the art shop and the online art gallery of Franziska and Mercedes Welte. Here you can fall in love with one of the extraordinary sculptures and enjoy every day the wonderful beauty that the NONOS artists have created.

carbon couture_blau_interior design | Nonos


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