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Franziska and Mercedes Welte

the making of nonos

The artist sisters, Mercedes and Franziska Welte, create an unmistakable brand with their NONOS. Their unique sculptures combine pure joie de vivre with aesthetic eroticism, dynamic dance and extravagant sensuality. A filigree yet powerful ensemble of color, shape and movement that combine with sensuality, eroticism and femininity. The name NONOS was and is a closely guarded secret from the beginning, which has not been revealed to this day. In the search for the living and the moving, the figures become realized objects: to dancers, to athletes or even to observers. The play of movement and color makes the figures appear lively and emotional. Viewed in this way, each sculpture has its own signature. It is the writing, the trace that the artists leave behind.

The contemporary works of the NONOS artists, Franziska and Mercedes Welte, are an interesting examination of “form and color” which at the same time form the characteristics of their NONOS sculptures and their creators themselves: Figures that dance are made from bent steel, fiberglass, epoxy resins and lightfast pigments to combine movement and color into a flowing form of sensuality, pure joie de vivre and femininity. Through the dynamic processing as well as the play with different color, material and light surfaces envelops the NONOS a very own lightness – the strength of which, however, is the basis as an expression of the natural form. With their unmistakable handwriting, the unique pieces reflect the close ties between the artists and their objects, which leave the viewer free space: for interpretation, interaction and the creation of fascinatingly feminine worlds of movement.

carbon couture_blau_interior design | Nonos


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