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Extraordinary espresso cups

Now that you have become acquainted with the distinctive design and unique art of NONOS, we will take you into the world of our unmistakable espresso cups. Through our help, these special espresso cups become porcelain art, which invites you to linger in the moment and makes you forget the stress of everyday life. As you may have already noticed, we use the templates of our other works of art to design our porcelain crockery.

This extraordinary influence provides us with the inspiration for our extraordinary espresso cups. With our noble porcelain you will be able to enjoy the pure joie de vivre. This porcelain crockery is 100% made in Europe. This fact is particularly important to us, as it allows us to create, maintain and control excellent quality standards. In this way, we ensure a value chain for you that enables us to give you only the best of the Welte Sisters. Like our other masterpieces, our cups impress with a design that radiates pure femininity but also sensuality. Therefore, we believe that our cups belong in a porcelain kitchen that is characterized by uniqueness and individuality and testifies to good taste.

Unique porcelain art

With these extraordinary cups you will manage to create a whole collection of the works of Franziska and Mercedes Welte, which will take your breath away not only from you, but also from your guests. The special interplay of the well-known designs of our sculptures and statues on porcelain turns a normal cup into pure porcelain art. So take a close look at our works, fall in love with this special art and take it with you into your everyday life. Each cup bears unrestricted and 100% of our personal signature and completes your collection at home. Our high quality standards complete our porcelain, so you never want to drink from other cups again. Just choose your favourite cup and enjoy the art of the Welte Sisters sip by sip.
We hope you enjoy your new favorite piece!