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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

In Joshua Tree National Park, Coachella Valley, Palm Desert, Santa Monica in California, or Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, in Central Park in New York or Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign… Monaco or Cannes… there are exciting places for everyone in our outdoor photographs.

During the photo shoot at original locations, we have the opportunity to create authentic photos and landscape shots.

In part, you can still drive the legendary cult Route 66, the “Mother Road” on which there are many iconic landmarks.

Part of the route also leads to Joshua Tree National Park. A nature reserve in southern California. It is known for special rock formations and barren desert landscapes. The bizarre, prickly Joshua trees are typical of the region. There are six different types of rattlesnakes here. The cactus-strewn Colorado Desert and the higher and cooler Mojave Desert are also a natural gem. The “Pacific Flyway” bird migration route also goes through here.

There are territories of indigenous peoples, and a respectful treatment of nature and culture is of the highest priority.

The famous Music Festival takes place in Coachella Valley every year. A variety of animals and plants reside here.

We keep these impressions and experiences firmly on our pictures and thoughts. The trips also influence other works of art that are created when we are back home in the studio. Our creativity increases every tines we go to work freshly inspired.