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The diversity of our artworks reveals a wide range of creative expressions, ranging from sculptures to wall objects.

weiße Bronzeskulptur_Artdepot | Nonos


abstrakte Wandobjekte_

Wall Objects

rotes Kleid aus Karbon und Harz_carbon couture  | Nonos

Carbon Couture

Wandobjekt_rund_weiß, gold_abstrakte Kunst_Beispielbild | Nonos


weiße, weibliche Skulpturen aus Plastik_Interior Design | Nonos


Wandobjekt_Warme Erde_Birkenholzplatte mit Carbon und Harz_Artdepot | Nonos



We warmly welcome you to the online art exhibition of the Welte Sisters and their artist brand NONOS. Immerse yourself in the broad portfolio of our works of art and exhibits and let yourself be enchanted. The works of art and art objects shown are clearly representatives of modern art with all its freedoms and are largely available through our shop.

Works of art from different styles and era that will enrich your lifestyle

Our works of art do not follow a fixed style, rather our pieces combine different art forms – such as Expressionism, Classical Modernism or Modern Art, but also elements of Baroque and Art Nouveau. In many works, the focus is on the representation of primal femininity in the form of female sculptures, while in other art objects the relationship to nature with its flowing forms is shown.

Modern art of expressionism and pop art

The works of art and modern sculptures shown include all possible forms of implementation of interior design but also of outdoor objects. Different styles and living inspirations are taken up and combined. Our goal is to create a holistic ambience – both in the field of interior and home design, as well as in outdoor art. There are many focal points in which the aspects of modern art are expressed – in the representation of femininity with the help of our female sculptures or through the flowing representation of life in our abstract wall objects. We use bronze materials as well as other previous metals and wood in the implementation of the works of art.