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Overall concept for a villa in Mallorca

Our current project took us to the wonderful hilly landscape on the sun-drenched island of Mallorca. The private villa, designed entirely in light natural colors, provided a particularly appealing setting for our artwork. In addition to moving wall sculptures formed from canvas, fiberglass objects adorn the sophisticated area around the in-house whirlpool. All works are handcrafted, painted and patinated with the finest pigments to let the luminosity of the colors shine. A classic free-standing NONOS bronze sculpture in the living area was part of the design concept, as was a Carbon Couture 160 cm high in the dining room.

Due to the disproportionate wall height in the bedroom of 5 meters, we had the opportunity to realize a large wall sculpture measuring 3 x 2 meters.
We chose the patination and surface finish in Mediterranean shades.
The image symbolizes the wave motion of the sea.

For the first time our very private film & photo team accompanied us to document our work.