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The Studio

where Impact takes place

Residence Wellenstein on Lake Constance – this is the place where sculptures, objects and pictures are created, where they begin, and where they unfold their effect. Where the initially heavy metal is bent, handcrafted with a lot of feeling and love for every detail. This is where the character begins to mature, the colors to shine, the design to come to life.

Our sculptures, objects and pictures are created through visually recorded impressions – on the basis of free inspiration and the exchange of streams of thought that we share as sisters. A dance of emotions – in combination with clear lines and free forms – that is what defines us as artist sisters.

Our entire oeuvre is as complex as it is extensive and to this day comprises more than 1000 works in different styles, from oil painting, drawing, from realistic photography to abstract portrait, to a variety of sculptures in a wide variety of materials.

the forming

As Franziska immerses herself in her creative sphere, she becomes one with the material, whether it’s canvas, carbon, or sculptures made of fiberglass. Her hands glide over the surface, shaping and molding with an ease born of years of experience and an insatiable drive for perfection. In her process, her boundless passion for the beauty of shaping and molding is revealed.

the coloring

As Mercedes immerses herself in the painting process, she delves deep into the world of colors, whether it be outdoors or in the studio. Her brushstrokes are full of intensity and dedication as she explores every nuance and shading. Each dab of color on the canvas carries the essence of her artistic soul, revealing her tireless pursuit of beauty and expression.

the material of bronze

Every step of the casting process is carried out with the utmost precision and care to ensure that each sculpture retains its individual allure and quality.


the studio

We work and create year-round in the beautiful setting of Ansitz Wellenstein on Lake Constance. The 450-year-old estate provides us with ample inspiration for our continuous evolution. For many years, as sisters, we have worked closely together in a harmonious fusion. Form and color blend seamlessly into a greater whole. Our journey began in the small attic of an old house.

For the past 6 years, we have tirelessly worked and created at Ansitz Wellenstein. In addition to our female sculptures, we also dedicate ourselves daily to the development of our abstract works such as objects, paintings, and much more. We utilize a variety of materials including carbon, fiberglass, metal, resins, and pigments.