In order to capture the complexity of the geology, the flow of water, and the wind currents, we have developed an innovative new technology. With carbon, fiberglass and lightfast pigments, we create a picturesque texture that depicts flowing geological formations.

Sculptural Forms – Representation of the various Elements

Our daily concern with form and color is about encountering every moment that presents itself to us and materializing the diversity of each of these unique moments in the sculptural forms.

Inspired by the figurative non-representational nature of abstraction, our works arise out of a deep need to communicate and interact with the world. Freed from all theories, we want our art to speak for itself and develop its own language and voice.

Our desire as artists is to express the most meaningful and complex ideas in the simplest and most beautiful way.

Wall objects in a unique design

Our wall objects come into their own in different ambiences, excitingly. Whether living space, office building, hotel or exhibition hall. We try very hard to perceive every environment and to implement projects in a stylist manner.

The sculptural objects that we shape by hand from carbon can be made in all sizes, shapes and colors. These often represent the beauty of our nature. Landscapes in all facets, with rivers, lakes and mountains.

Our home mountain in Lech am Arlberg, where the most beautiful places in Austria are located, are a great source of inspiration for us, as well as the mountains of the Dolomites in South Tyrol – inspire us again and again.