The body is polished bronze and partly gilded with pigments. Each sculpture is individually cast by hand using the lost wax technique. Each sculpture from the series is a handcrafted unique piece.

pure femininity

Our individual bronze sculptures, which represent pure femininity, give every room or outdoor area a playful touch. Each sculpture is not only made by hand, but also painted individually – therefore all works are unique.

The unique sculptures combine pure joie de vivre with extravagant sensuality. This very special kind of figurative art combines forms of Pop Art, whereby our bronze figures also show aspects of Art Nouveau.

Our bronze sculptures are not only suitable for the living area, all figures can also be displayed in the home garden.

Bronze sculptures have always been an important part of the art world. In 2018, we developed our first models and bronze casts were made.

The following year, the first series of our bronze sculptures was exhibited during the Venice Biennale alongside many well-known artists in the Palazzo Mora.

This was followed by exhibitions at Art Basel Miami and Art Zurich, where we exhibited works from this series.