The intensive examination of form and color, movement and silence, pours into doing and creating, while we turn our innermost outside.

Every painting is part of an endless story

When a viewer finds a piece of his world and his own truth in our painting, then our art comes to life.

Painting liberates and lays traces. Creates meaning and fulfillment in the face of the eternally imperfect. The power of memory – magic – myth – abstract beauty. We create paintings that have never been seen. Visions of another world. Sensual and intellectual at the same time.


Our abstract paintings come into their own in different ambiences, exciting. Whether living space, office building, hotel or exhibition hall, we try very hard to perceive every environment and to implement projects in a stylish manner.

We like to work on large format paintings, wall objects of all kinds, and abstract sculptural works. We create our paintings with acrylic and pigments on canvas, or with different resins. Here we give free rein to our expressive style.