The lightness of the fabric that envelops, protects and accompanies us every day is shown in our billowing clothes made of carbon. The carbon couture.

There are also aspects from antiquity in its undulating form. It walks like a proud Roman, a relic from a bygone era that strides across to our present.

the Relief as a Formal Language

How a gently swaying shell exudes lightness, or a delicate robe, surreal and disembodies, floating through the room as if it were just a touch of a touch. Blowing silk in the wind…

The relief as a formal language integrated into the abstract physicality.

They are social sculptures that embody the appreciation of today’s women. The positive stimulation communicates values and attitudes.

Waving carbon couture in the living room or park

Our billowing clothes made of carbon come into their own in different ambiences, exciting. The sculptural objects can be installed freely in the room or hung on the wall instead of a picture. We are happy to adapt this, as well as the size, to the respective environment.

Whether living space, office building, hotel or exhibition hall or park – We make every effort to perceive every environment and to implement projects in a stylist manner.