The artist sisters, Mercedes and Franziska Welte, create an unmistakable brand with their NONOS sculptures. Their unique sculptures combine pure joie de vivre with aesthetic eroticism, dynamic dance and extravagant sensuality. A filigree yet powerful ensemble of color, shape and movement that combine with sensuality, eroticism and femininity. The name NONOS was and is a closely guarded secret from the beginning, which has not been revealed to this day. In the search for the living and moving, the figures become realized objects: dancers, athletes or even observers. The play of movement and color makes the figures appear lively and emotional. Viewed in this way, each sculpture has its own signature. It is the writing, the trace that the artists leave behind.

“Inspired by the figurative and non-representational nature of abstraction, our works arise out of a deep need to communicate and interact with the world. Freed from all theories, we want our art to speak for itself and develop its own language and voice.

Art makes it possible to authentically realize and experience every moment. Our female sculptures deal primarily with the human form and the ideas of the past, present and future.”

In ancient times, one can already see the intention to make figures as realistic as possible. A new style of sculpture had developed.

Today we use this knowledge about the material structure, and give the flowing substances new meaning. As in the old days, the flowing material is brought into a new form and realized.

With astonishing effects, they appear to be true to the material and to fall softly, although the haptics represent a stiffened surface. The abstract painting navigates the art in the direction of Pop Art. However, the definition of Nonosism fits much better. We gave birth to this term for our style.