Our desire as artists is to express the most meaningful and complex personal ideas in the simplest and most beautiful way.

Formal and color accents in the park

Sculptures for the park, garden or in public spaces.

We have been tirelessly on this for more than 15 years. The culmination of our work was the Venice Biennale in 2019, where we were very well represented in the Giardini della Marinaressa with a view of Marcus Platz.

Our sculptures embody and exude pure joie de vivre. In addition to our traditional NONOS sculptures, we also create abstract sculptural works.

Art makes it possible to authentically realize and experience every moment. Our female and abstract sculptures deal on the one hand with the human form and in the ideas of the past, present and future, and on the other hand with the element of nature.

Brand new in our repertoire are our carbon couture, which come into their own both outside and inside. One of our special forms of expression is the representation of the “lightness of being”.

Our lively and multi-layered abstractions arise spontaneously and “from the heart”.