The Studio

Where there is an effect

Residence Wellenstein on Lake Constance – this is the place where sculptures, objects and pictures are created, where they begin, and where they unfold their effect. Where the initially heavy metal is bent, handcrafted with a lot of feeling and love for every detail. This is where the character begins to mature, the colors to shine, the design to come to life. The artist sisters Mercedes and Franziska Welte largely do without sketches plans and other aids.

Rather, the sculptures, objects and images are created through visually recorded impressions – on the basis of free inspiration and the exchange of streams of throught shared by the two sisters. A dance of emotions – in combination with clear lines and free forms – that is what defines the artist sisters

We work and work all year round in the beautiful castle Ansitz Wellenstein on Lake Constance. The wonderful 450 year old property offers us the best sources of inspiration for our continuous development. NONOS sculptures, wall object and pictures of all sizes are created in this special place of silence and space.

We exhibit out latest works in the baroque hall of the residence. On request, we also receive our guests and visitors here all year round. Art and history can be enjoyed in peace. Our product designs such as porcelain, scarves and much more also has its origin here.