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Markgravine Agnes – Museum Stift Klosterneuburg

In spring 2018 we created a very special sculpture: on behalf of the Museum Stift Klosterneuburg, we created an artistic representation of the Margravine Agnes von Waiblingen; a demanding and exciting task to which we have devoted ourselves over the course of a whole year.

Agnes is now an integral part of the exhibition in the museum’s art collection, which dates back to 1774. In order to make the diverse collections from 1000 years even more accessible to the public, the “online gallery” of the monastery museum has not been starts.

For us, it is the first sacred work installed with light that is exhibited all year round in the Gallerie der Moderne in the Museum Stift Klosterneuburg.  The museum bought our work and added it to its extensive art collection.  The collection also includes works by important contemporary artists such as Markus Prachensky, P. Fendi and many more.

Agnes is a very special and strong personality, and that’s how we would like to portray her. In 1106, the 33 year old Agnes moved to Austria to meet the Margrave Leopold III to marry. As a healthy mother of 18 children, Agnes reaches the proud age of 72 years and it is precisely this strength and vitality that we give to our sculpture. The central figure of Agnes wears a flowing, golden dress, a color that symbolizes the wealth that she brought to Austria through her wedding. She stands tall and proud in the center of the installation, surrounded by her children on a white veil that connects all the sculptures.

Photo left:
Here you can see how on the beautifully restored parquet, in which an expert installed a power supply under the sculpture, the light installation and the assembly of the entire work takes place.

According to legend, this veil is said to have been torn from the beloved wife of B=Margrave Leopold by the wind during their wedding celebration. It wasn’t until years later that Leopold found the veil while hunting in the forest and founded the pompous Klosterneuburg Abbey at the site.

The children of Agnes are also kept in which and gold, with those who have already died in childhood are shown transparently. A special feature of the group are the lights that let the children shine fro within and thus create a very special atmosphere.

The viewer of the work is always accompanied by the eyes of the children on the tour around the installation, which means that there is a close connection between viewer and work of art at all times.


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