Perseverance in the Attic

For many years we worked on our first works in a 30 foot square attic space. In the most adverse circumstances – cold in winter and heat in summer – but with a lot of joy…. We created our pictures and sculptures.

The genesis

Unaffected by the respective artistic trends of the time, we worked independently on our life’s work.

Influences of nature, intensely experienced, we integrated and processed, always with a lot of joy, in our entire work.

Our entire oeuvre is as complex as it is extensive and to this day comprises more than 1000 works in different styles, from oil painting, drawing, from realistic photography to abstract portrait, to a variety of sculptures in a wide variety of materials.

Place of Creative Work

In an early creative phase, a series of photographs was created that are linked in a hyper-realistic conception with nature or humans or the given being.

The exaggeration of reality is a further development of realism.

A cool presentation with a moving background. The question of existential becomes a frightening reality. There is a sharp line between here and there, being and not being wanting and being able, surrendering and rising again.